From transaction to ledger in one step


One tool for all of your carbon reporting needs

Modern businesses need to report on their carbon emissions to many stakeholders and regulatory bodies, under several reporting standard. Processing business transactional data through each model is time-consuming and prone to error. 


Carbon Insight receives transactional data automatically or in bulk, processes against the reporting models you need, providing auditable insights against all of your reporting standards, in real time.

How it Works


Provide information about your subsidiaries, departments, energy sources and assets, along with the reporting standards you work to.


Input data relating to your energy consumption and business metrics. This can input directly, uploaded in bulk, or transferred automatically via our API.


Create ledger reports for board/external reporting, or create interrogate the data by department, subsidiary, asset or energy type.

Built for Businesses and Advisors

Take control of your own business carbon reporting. User-friendly configuration and API connectivity to make up-to-date reporting as simple as possible. 

For accountant, energy consultants or business advisors. Generate current, contextual carbon reporting for c-suite and external use with minimal effort and client portals for data input

Reporting Models

Create outputs that work for your and your stakeholders, regardless of the global reporting models you work to

GHG Corporate Standard

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Standard is the most widely adopted standardised framework globally. It enabled organisations, both private and public, to measure and manage their greenhouse gas emissions.


SECR (also known as Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting) is compulsory for around 12,000 businesses throughout the UK. These businesses must provide information on their energy and carbon emissions on a yearly basis.

Gold Standard

Gold Standard is a certification program for non-governmental emissions reductions projects. The standard works to ensure carbon credits are real and verifiable, so that they can be traded on global carbon markets with confidence.

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