For Advisors 

Provide valuable carbon insights to your clients with minimal effort, whether your an accountant, energy advisor or consultant.

Unified and Scaleable

Configure once, deploy again and again 

Based on you portfolio, create standardised reporting templates that suit your clients and their ways of working.  

Use our standard reference datasets to create your first client reports, then add to this over time to create a single, unified reference point for all client projects. 

Reference Datasets

Data Import Tools

Energy Sources

Create standardised import tools for data from clients, using CSV file templates. Once deployed, monthly or annual reporting will be a simple as importing a single data file.


Set up the energy sources you consume and generate, including electricity, natural gas and liquid fuels. Define the location-specific carbon intensities for each by direct, indirect and out of scope emissions, or use our defaults to get started.


Simplified Data Handling

Load raw business data straight in

Take transactional information from your client account packages, MES, MRP or site records and enter or upload them. No pre-handling necessary.

Energy Consumption

All transactions linked to energy usage, such as electricity and gas billing data, and fuel filling reports (by vehicle).

The more granular the data entered, the better.


Exported Energy 

Energy that you generate and wholly or partially export can provide valuable carbon rebates in certain carbon models, so it's important that this is reported separately to consumed energy.


Other Business Data

Recording information about business output or performance enables intensity ratios to be calculated, which provide standardised view of energy consumption over time. 


Information to upload

Ways to load data

Input Forms

Transactions can be loaded manually via input forms on the platform or mobile app. 

The forms are built to be as quick as possible to load, using select boxes and pre-fill fields wherever possible.


CSV Bulk Upload

Transactions can be loaded into the platform in bulk through the CSV upload tool. The tool can dynamically map CSVs, meaning that you can take downloads straight from other systems and upload them.


API Connection

Using our API tool, connections to your existing digital systems can be created. As transactions are created in your business, the necessary data will be loaded straight into the platform, with no human intervention.


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